Vaping vs Quitting Smoking

With the Vaping Epidemic firmly upon us, it is time to address the question of Vaping vs Quitting Smoking.

Does Vaping help Quit Smoking? Have we truly “Quit Smoking” ?

Why Start Vaping ?

If you you are asking yourself these questions, it is probably because you are either addicted to nicotine and smoke cigarettes and that rather than try to totally eliminate your addiction to nicotine, you want to find a safer way to get the nicotine.

Or you know the danger of smoking cigarettes and want to start vaping because somebody has told you that it’s not dangerous like cigarettes are and you can get still get the good feeling that being addicted to the drug nicotine gives you.

A Twofold Problem

The problem with vaping is twofold: #1 – You are not really sure what else is in that “Juice” that could also cause lung cancer, heart disease or COPD – the three big killers of tobacco smokers.

And #2 – You remain addicted to the drug nicotine. By vaping, you haven’t solved your real problem and that is that you are still feeding your addiction to nicotine.

Rationalizing Nicotine

Now I know that Vapers rationalize what they are doing by saying they are avoiding all the toxins that are in tobacco and that nicotine relaxes them. They think that they enjoy it.

I say they think that they enjoy it because it makes the drug withdrawal symptoms go away… usually for about 45 minutes.

There is only one reason why you ever smoke a cigarette whether it be an e-cigarette or a regular cigarette. Doing so makes the urge to do it go away. If you didn’t get the urge to do it, you wouldn’t do it.

By honestly facing my problem and totally eliminating my addiction to the drug nicotine, I have never since had “the urge” to ingest nicotine into my system. I feel great and I honestly believe that nicotine would not make me feel better. It would only re-install “the need” to keep doing it.

The perceived good feeling I would get by doing that would be the relief I feel when I ingest more nicotine into my system.

And the wheel goes round and round…

Good or Bad ?

So, with that said, here is the question I really think you should be asking yourself, “Is an addiction to nicotine a good thing or a bad thing for me?”

One good answer is that not being addicted to nicotine can only be considered a good thing. Even if you just consider it from the value for your money spent point of view. The money you would spend on vaping products would probably  be better spent on just about anything else.

Putting your money anywhere else is better than spending on something that has absolutely no value whatsoever and may or may not have a really adverse effect on your lifestyle or even worse, your lifespan.

However, it you do decide to roll those dice and vape and either get addicted or remain addicted to the drug nicotine, you will definitely regret the decision down the road.

You are betting your life on it. A bet no one can afford to lose. Just ask anybody who has done it.

Other Potential Damage

We do know that there is harm, we just don’t know the extent of it. The newness of vaping limits the data so far. The jury is still out. This is a fairly new phenomena, so the extent is still unknown.

We don’t really know the impact of inhaling the combination of compounds produced by these devices. We also do not know the full extent of how heating of seemingly safe compounds may change them chemically.

Just because the threats are different doesn’t mean that e-cigarettes are completely “safe.”

It was recently discovered by cancer researchers that Vaping will damage your DNA.

This type of damage, called a DNA adduct, occurs when toxic chemicals, such as acrolein, react with DNA.

If the cell does not repair the damage so that normal DNA replication can take place, cancer could result.

Head and Neck Cancer Researchers at the University of California at San Diego found that cells lining human organs sustained up to twice the DNA damage seen in unexposed cells.

So is the risk serious?… YES… Very serious.

Switching addictions is not a healthy solution.


So what is the Answer?

We all want a Happier Healthier Life to enjoy with our Loved Ones. We all want to experience Real Pleasures in Life. We all want to be around to see our Kids and Grandkids grow up to live and enjoy their own lives….

And we want it Addiction-Free.

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8 Replies to “Vaping vs Quitting Smoking”

  1. Vaping is a lame excuse for smokers or nicotine addict avoiding real cigarettes or cigars. Vaping is equally dangerous for the heart, lungs, and blood. The problem with vaping is that we do not know the other effect of this type of smoking and the realization that it has some other problems like exploding on your mouth. I have read this news showing the mouth pitiable condition. It was good that the person was still alive. I consider it as a source of a mutated version of smoking problems with gray areas on their long term effect as it is relatively new in the market compared to cigarettes. Better still quit for good from smoking. It doesn’t give you any benefit health-wise and peace of mind. It is an addiction that will multiply your problems and won’t give a solution all the same.

  2. Coming from someone who used to be addicted to nicotine, you have researched and raised some significant questions.  You’re a good one to write an article like this as you’ve been there.  You can speak from past experience, etc.  Your thought-provoking questions would make anyone on the cusp of wanting to quit, answer honestly for himself/herself.  I’ve never been addicted to nicotine, but I do appreciate the fact that you’re so willing to help those who are.  Keep on doing what you’re doing!  If only 1 person benefits, it’s worth it, right?  Blessings to you!

  3. It’s hard to imagine any enjoyment derived from smoking, and now there is the added problems of vaping. Recently in the news there has been links of some serious problems from vaping. I think this information is very important to get in front of the public’s eye. Thanks for sharing, Deanna

    1. Hi Deanna,

      The news stories that you are hearing have mainly to do with the substances that are being vaped. Most Teens have resorted to making their own “Juice”, so we can probably expect to hear more about that in the near future.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. It is a little scary the number of people that think vaping would solve their cigarette problem. Seriously there isn’t enough data to back this but a lot of people are willing to put their faith in it. Personally I think it is just a way to temporary fix the urge to smoke a cigarette. This isn’t a long term thing that can help quit the addiction. Besides this stuff can also be dangerous to the health and a lot of people just don’t know it. I bet if I search google for the negative effects of vaping I would find some interesting data.

    1. Using vaping to “Quit Smoking” only avoids the problem. While it is true that harm is reduced, it is being marketed as a “Health and Wellness” product, which it is not.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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