Using E-Cigarettes to stop smoking

Switching from Cigarettes to E-Cigarettes

OK, so what about e-cigarettes? Though there’s not much research done about the effects of electronic cigarettes on your health yet, there is some news, both  good and bad. Using e-cigarettes to stop smoking may not be your best choice

Does vaping help to quit smoking?  Vaping to quit smoking cigarettes is seen by many smokers as the solution to their smoking problem. It is viewed as less harmful and therefore, more acceptable than smoking tobacco products.

Though e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco and many of the chemicals found in cigarettes, they do contain some, including nicotine, which definitely do cause premature aging as well as other side effects . In fact, the FDA has declared E-Cigs to be tobacco-based products and recommends that they should never be used as a vehicle to quitting smoking.

However, the chemicals and heat aren’t the main contributors to premature aging when you smoke. Our skin’s real enemy is nicotine. And electronic cigarettes aren’t free of that either . Though they may or may not be safer than traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes have not been proven to be safe .

      Do e cigarettes help stop smoking ?

At this point, we see two main factors as obstacles. These obstacles complicate stopping so as to avoid the dangers of vaping as a substitute for smoking . These obstacles are exclusive to vapers and in addition to all other obstacles faced by someone attempting to quit smoking.

First, most vapers  tend to be under the age of thirty. Remember that? Ahhh, the age of being Bulletproof .  “It won’t happen to me . I’m so young, by the time anything bad could happen, they will find a cure”. I remember saying those very words as a child in the 1960’s about cancer and cigarette smoking. By the way, they still don’t have a cure .

To make matters worse, the most recent evidence available indicates that vapers are no more likely to quit than non-vapers.

Which brings us to the second obstacle.  Many people who vape began to do so using vaping as  their “bridge” motivation to stop smoking . They used E-cigs as a method and means to quit smoking . The problem is, they never did really quit . They are still inhaling heated chemicals into their entire respiratory system . They are still causing serious health dangers to their entire bodies . They are still ingesting large quantities of nicotine .

They haven’t stopped smoking. They’ve only changed seats on the Titanic .

One study showed that nicotine exposure was unchanged when smokers switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Nicotine constricts your blood vessels, reducing blood flow to your skin and vital organs . When your blood flow is reduced, your body doesn’t get all of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

And Ladies, less nutrients also means more wrinkles. And not just more facial wrinkles, but more wrinkles all over your body, according to Mayo Clinic . When it comes to smoking, your body isn’t a fan of nicotine. Unfortunately, nicotine is found in electronic cigarettes, and since they are not regulated yet, you can be exposed to varying amounts of nicotine when vaping .

When it comes down to it, it’s best to avoid smoking and vaping altogether. There is evidence to suggest that electronic cigarettes may cause wrinkles, premature aging and more serious health issues. Until more research is done on e-cigarettes, try to stay away from them. After all, based on the evidence we’ve seen so far, electronic cigarettes don’t seem to be good for you or your circulatory and respiratory systems .

The Good News :
Now you can reverse that process because now you have access to the tools to stop smoking and stay stopped. If you are interested in how to do that, you have found the right place .

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8 Replies to “Using E-Cigarettes to stop smoking”

  1. Coming from an ex-smoker, this was an amazing read. I know a lot of people who have switched their habit of smoking cigarettes to vaping. Their reason is always the same, I am looking to quit smoking cigarettes. The funny thing is when I ask them when they are going to quit vaping, I never get a straight answer from them. I will for sure bring them over here and have them read up on this so they can see for themselves and hopefully follow your link to help them quit smoking forever.

    1. Thank you, AJ,
      I take pride in the quality and accuracy of my posts,so I truly appreciate your comment.

      Yes, it is difficult to get a straight answer because they are still avoiding the problem. This is why self-honesty is so important to the quitting process.The information can be shared in a helpful way. Thank you.

  2. While I hope e-cigarettes are a better option than regular smoking for e-cig users, it’s still too early to tell I think. We just unfortunately don’t know the long-term effects it has on the body. My gut feeling says that it’s still not a good habit to get used to like you said. While I’ve never had to deal with it, I hear that quitting smoking is extremely difficult to do and that it takes someone several attempts to do so successfully. Do you know on average how many times it takes for someone to quit for good? Just curious. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Yeah, while it still may be too soon to tell the effects of vaping on the human body, it is important to remember that whatever results research comes up with, it can never be a positive for vaping… What I am saying is that there is not and cannot be a positive side to doing it, regardless of what the jury says when it reconvenes…

      As far as the number of attempts to quit smoking before the smoker actually quits cigarettes? That will vary widely depending on the smoker and the approach used. Success with my program can be had by anyone who is willing to follow carefully laid out directions.

      Great questions!

  3. I think that sometimes when you need to change an old habit it is better to cut it out completely.
    If you stop smoking cigarettes and then start vaping you have not really stopped smoking. You might have changed a bad habit for something a little less harmful but you are still doing the same thing.
    Maybe a hobby or interest in something would help? Maybe sports or anything else which is physical. There are soo many other ways to stimulate your mind and body and I think it would best to avoid vaping which in my eyes seems to be very much like smoking.

    1. Hi Jojo,

      Yes, you are correct. The source of the nicotine is unimportant. Whether the nicotine comes from a cigarette or an E-Cig makes very little difference as far as our attempts to stop smoking are concerned. 

      Until the matter is fully researched, it is best to err on the side of safety and avoid both.

      Thanks for your comments and please check back often. Comments are always welcome.

  4. John, I hope your technique helps people quit smoking, and I pray for your great success. But please be more open to vaping for those who can’t quit smoking with other methods….like me. Vaping is an evidence-based practice that has helped millions quit. It is not just another form of smoking, as the best science shows it to be 95-99% safer than smoking. Nicotine is pretty harmless for most adults. While total abstinence is best, vaping as a harm reduction tool has the ability to save lives.

    1. Thank you for your feedback.

      In order to stop smoking/vaping, nothing can be done without complete honesty.
      Here’s the Honesty:

      Vaping is nothing more than a substitute for smoking. It’s just another form with it’s own set of chemicals and potential diseases.

      Defense of Vaping is the transference of the Denial that Smokers develop about smoking… They develop the same Denial and behave with the same behavior of a Smoker. Once that kind of thinking is established, the Vaper will convince himself/herself that they no longer have a problem, just as they convinced themselves that smoking was not a problem.

      Comments such as “Nicotine is pretty harmless in most adults” points out a common example of that Denial dilemma.

      Clearly, that is the manifestation of a continuing addiction and I do not subscribe perpetuating a problem… I teach honest solutions, not problem avoidance. I do not condone switching addictions when other reliable and safe options do in fact exist.

      I do not waver on this point because people’s lives depend upon it.

      Thanks for bringing such an important conflict to light.

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