Big Tobacco Is Morphing Into Big Vape

Using E-Cig Regulation to Discourage Competition

Planned legislation next week is to introduce a bill sponsored in part by Altria to increase a Federal minimum age to purchase cigarettes from 18 to 21. So who is Altria and why are they behind this legislation ?

Altria is the largest tobacco producer in the United States. You may be more familiar with their old name, Phillip Morris.

So who is Altria? Besides being the largest tobacco producer in the United States, they also own a whopping $12.8 Billion stake in Juul Labs, the largest and most successful Vape manufacturer on the market today.

So why would a tobacco company encourage legislation to limit cigarette sales? Let’s look at a bit of history.

In April 1997, it won a ruling in federal court saying that the FDA had no authority to regulate the marketing of cigarettes or other delivery mechanisms, even though it could regulate the sale of tobacco itself. The idea was that the government had the right to say tobacco was harmful to kids’ health, but it didn’t have the right to say smoking wasn’t cool.

Altria’s strategy was deviously Machiavellian. In the wake of the tobacco settlement, as many of its major rivals struggled, it was left as the only tobacco company in America with the resources to comply with a complex regulatory environment. In 2002, Altria started campaigning to put cigarettes officially under the direct oversight of the FDA, a prospect it had battled for 30 years. Competitors decried this as the “Marlboro Monopoly Act”.

After the 1997 ruling, Altria’s marketing took a very abrupt turn. It took on the Superhero role and persona and did a complete image makeover.

It changed its name to Altria, which not coincidentally sounds like Altruism. It started something called Success360, which invests in organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, 4-H and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Most crucially, it began to support increased FDA regulation. It was no longer in the tobacco business; it was in the public relations and regulatory capture business.

It is repositioning itself as the repentant child who is going to clean up the world of its former self and its former competitors.

The Wolf is back, but this time he is wearing a different Sheepskin. It is the same people who sold us and our parents on the “Safety” of cigarettes resurrecting the team of Snake Oil Salesmen to now sell the “Safety” of Vaping.

One look at their website confirms that Altria has accepted that cigarette smoking rates are falling and will continue to fall. It further supports their prediction of an increase in Vaping and next week’s planned legislation positions Altria to benefit from a Vaping Epidemic which seems to be exploding with impunity.

Altruistic?…. Nope.

Creating and exploiting a new market for addictive products?…. It would certainly seem so.

If you or your Teen is hooked on either smoking cigarettes or vaping E-Juice, there is a solution.

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6 Replies to “Big Tobacco Is Morphing Into Big Vape”

  1. Not that I am a smoker but what are the exact health issues associated with vaping? Isn’t vaping supposedly a safer alternative compared to smoking cigarettes? I would think that the nicotine in e-cigs is much less than other smoking products such as hookah and cigarettes? I like how you described how “it is wearing a different sheepskin”. That is a pretty cool way of describing the cigarette company Altria and how hypocritical the name is since it does indeed sound so similar to altruism.

    1. Hi Elan,

      Vaping is a “Less Harmful” method to get a nicotine fix, but the problem is that it is being advanced as “Safe”, when actually vaping is too new to know. 

      Think of vaping less as being “Safe” (The jury is still out) and more akin to switching to a lower tar and nicotine cigarette. You have reduced the harm, but it has not been eliminated and you have not “stopped smoking”.

      Regarding your question about the nicotine, E-Cigs can be cranked up to deliver as much as 4-5 times the nicotine in a cigarette. Doing so will simply drive the addiction deeper and make it virtually impossible to quit either smoking or vaping. This is another downside to using E-Cigs as a crutch to stop smoking.

      Here’s some more info on that subject:

  2. There is something about this that makes your heart jump! thanks for the silver lining with the stop for life.

    It always feel like we have to always chase this wolf like a snake that just won’t die no matter how hard we hit it in the head. Just when you think we have won the war with Tobacco, they sneak back only they come back looking like the good guys. 

    This is good information! I like that the stop for life is such a small price to pay to kick off the habit. 

    I hope this information would be more public and common knowledge to the youth especially and expose companies like Altria before they creep in to get a few new aadicts. 

    1. Hi Zikora,

      Unfortunately, you are right about the wolf always being at the door. This generation is the first generation ever to have a legitimate shot at dealing a death blow to Big Tobacco…. Then came Vaping.

      It seems the best we can do right now is to acknowledge and comprehend the situation, learn from our experiences with them, and keep a vigilant guard against their deception and lies.

      Thanks for stopping by !

  3. I must say, this is very interesting. Had no idea that Phillip Morris has changed their name to Altria, and that they have a major stake at Juul. My dad used to be a chain smoker way back but had to stop abruptly when he was told that his life was at stake. My sister also uses vape and so does one of my good friends. Bought Juul for her when we went to the US. As a company, they do have to find ways around legislation. Which means that as consumers, we have to be more aware to protect people we love from addiction. You’re doing such a wonderful thing with this site to help that cause. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Raquel,

      Thank you for your kind words of support. 

      The program can also be used to stop vaping, so your sister may appreciate another gift.(Lol).

      Best wishes,


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