Teenage Smoking Facts

How did they ever get started?

You have discovered that your teenage son or daughter may be smoking. Maybe you found cigarettes in their possession or a neighbor saw them blowing smoke rings on the corner with friends.

Or maybe you have become aware that several of your teenager’s friends are smoking and you have decided that it is time to have a heart-to-heart talk with your teen.

How are we going to handle this as parents?

Fearful for the health of your child, you gather data on teenage smoking facts to help him or her to stop.

Your child is conflicted and confused and intends to hide his/her habit.

It is very important that you address the issue at the very onset, because smoking can become a habit quite soon.

Teens are especially sensitive to nicotine’s addictive effects because their brains are still developing. This makes it easier for them to get hooked.

The Mayo Clinic offers an excellent teen support program designed to assist the parent in this area. Additionally, the Surgeon General puts out an excellent format for the parent to follow when discussing this topic with your Teen.

Peer Pressure

During the teenage years, your child is discovering their independence and exploring their identity.

They are trying to assert and demonstrate their perceived image of adulthood. Teens crave approval from their peers.

Smoking is treated somewhat as a “Rite of Passage”. Fear of rejection is strong and your teen may smoke “to fit in”.


Teen smoking addiction puts your child at risk of becoming a lifelong smoker. Since a very young age, they may have purchased candy cigarettes or been exposed to advertising aimed at kids…. ( Remember Joe Camel? ).

Or they may have had access to buying loose cigarettes known as “loosies” which may be more affordable for a teen. The purpose of all of this advertising is to normalize smoking in the malleable mind of your teenager.

“Looking like an Adult”

Parents know that their Kids hear, but probably aren’t listening. The more alert parents are aware that the kids are watching, mimicking, and learning from your example.

They have been conditioned to think that they will most likely to be perceived as “Grown Up” if they adopt this “Grownup habit”.

Being a Good Example

The first thing that you need to know is that there is little chance of your child quitting smoking if either you or your spouse smokes.

Your actions will be heard much louder than any words.

Decide how you will handle your own smoking around them.

Be sure to honestly ask yourself whether or not you can be supportive while continuing to smoke.

In the effort to support someone quitting smoking, we cannot ignore our own smoking behavior. We cannot control the behavior of smokers that our teen may come into contact, but we can and must control our own behavior.

I have created several links in this article to sites of professionals who specialize in teen psychology. Our own method is Abstinence Psychotherapy , a drug-free approach.

Make use of all of the resources here, both on and off this site and we will look forward to hearing your success stories here.

As always, comments and questions are encouraged.

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8 Replies to “Teenage Smoking Facts”

  1. Hi John!

    Smoking is not healthy at all. We all know that!
    Further, in chronic smokers, increases the possibility of lung and other diseases and getting lung cancer by 2000 times

    In many countries, smoking starts already in the primary schools and continues through the hugh school and university.

    The mortality because of high smoking rate is big. Thus, all directions, measures, experiences, help in reducing or avoiding smoking is of biggest importance for many communities.

    Your experience, knowledge and support will benefit to many people. I am sure about it.

    Great job!
    Best regards!

    1. Hello Igor,

      Your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      Smoking does start at a very young age, regardless of the country… Many countries (Like Great Britian for example) are now getting stricter with smoking policies… In England, I am told that they just passed a law making it illegal to smoke anywhere on hospital grounds… Also, patients being discharged from the hospitals are offered free smoking cessation upon discharge.

      Thank you for visiting.

      Best wishes,

  2. Hi John,

    As a mom, the idea of one of my children picking up a cigarette and deciding to smoke is frightening. The infomation in your article is a great source of knowledge for parents and even teenagers. I’ll be sure to pass the information on to others with children who are struggling with this addiction.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Becky,

      Yes, teens do still pick up cigarettes at an early age. These days, they are equally likely to Vape. 

      I am currently working on helping with parental awareness by building out several articles on the dangers of vaping and more coming on related topics.

      I am also currently looking at how powerful social media has become and how it affects decisions that our teens make. Manufacturers of vaping equipment target our kids the same way cigarette manufacturers targeted you and I.

      Thanks for spreading the word to parents.

      Check back soon.

  3. Smoking is so dangerous.
    It is so sad t see a teenager smoke or have an addiction which they think will fill them up spiritually speaking. Nothing can possibly remove the pain and suffering one is going through. One can smoke and ruin their health etc. But someone who quits is wise, Theat individual who quits smoking has a future ahead; .

    1. Hi Linda,

      It is always sad to see a Teen smoking. Somehow that is a message that every generation tries to pass to the next generation…. Maybe someday psychologists will be able to help to answer how we can achieve that.

      In the meantime, we strive to be the best example we can be for our kids.

      Come back soon !


  4. Thanks for this article John, I am shocked at how many teens do smoke, even though they know the risks. I know that peer pressure is what gets them to start. We need to find ways to help our teens feel that they can say no to their peers, and to feel OK about being different or not accepted by the ones who claim street cred for not caring. I smoked as a teen, for social reasons, but luckily I found it easy to stop later.

    1. Hello Lucy,

      Yes, Teen cigarette smoking rates have diminished somewhat over the years, but it has been replaced mainly by Vaping.
      This is the first generation that has had a decent shot at breaking the cycle, but Vaping has destroyed that chance.

      Since 9/12/18, the FDA began to come down hard on these snake oil salesmen that are pushing nicotine in a different form insinuating that it is “Safe”.

      Due to the relative newness of Vaping, we do not yet know all the risks. But we do know that it does affect development of the human brain up to the age of 25, so consequences are almost guaranteed to pop up in the near future.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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