Teen SmokingTrends

E-cigarettes are now the most commonly used tobacco products affecting teen smoking trends. E-cigarette use is strongly associated with the use of other tobacco products and very often acts as a gateway to cigarette smoking in Teens.

Teen Smoking Trends

Popularity of vaping among Teen youth surpassed conventional cigarettes in 2014. Cigarettes are still popular with young Smokers, but this is how the 21st Century teenager smokes.

E-cigarettes are being promoted as a less dangerous way to use tobacco and as a vehicle that may help established Smokers to reduce their immediate risk of death and disease.

Vapes can hook teens and young adults and raise their risk of becoming life-long smokers.

Medical Opinions and Evidence

Medical opinions and evidence about the true Dangers of Vaping are surfacing with regularity.

The American Lung Association declares Vaping to be an unregulated tobacco product while the Surgeon General says that nearly 1 in 4 High School Students have tried it and it continues to quickly grow in popularity.

And most vapes contain nicotine, the very drug that we are trying to kick…. How crazy is that ?

Fallout from Vaping is definitely a contender for the next major health epidemic.

WebMD exposes the cancer causing toxins found especially in the fruit flavorings.

How does Smoking affect Teens?

The World Health Organization has determined that many “Adult” diseases such as heart disease and stroke are showing up in Teen Smokers with regularity.

Smoking hurts young people’s physical fitness in terms of both performance and endurance. Teens who smoke with regularity usually become life-long Smokers.

Another factor adding to the uniqueness of Teen smoking problems is that marketing to Teens is emulating the cigarette ads of years ago.

Intentional lying to the public by normalizing sales of candy cigarettes and child characters like “Joe Camel” advertisements as safe and fun activities for kids is resurfacing in advertising for smoking products….

Only this time it’s vapes….. The Liars are Back.

And if you doubt that your Teen is being targeted, ask yourself what adult would choose “Unicorn Poop” as their favorite vaping flavor.

And the accurate measurement of Teenage smoking statistics are elusive because Teens are not as forthcoming about their smoking as adults are.

Teens will hide their smoking from others, especially their Parents. Therefore, whatever data we may have on Teen Smoking is apt to be underestimated and understated in its true impact on Teen Smokers.

What can Parents do ?

So what is the answer? How do we stop teenage smoking?

For expertise in this area, the Mayo Clinic comes to the rescue with some great resources for your Teen.

Additionally, the Surgeon General puts out an excellent format for the parent to follow when discussing this topic with your Teen.

We can supplement that with educating our Teens on the truths about both smoking and vaping….   And we can make use of the resources here.

As responsible parents, we must also take responsibility to stop smoking if we ourselves are Smokers.

Kids will never listen to a scolding parent who is puffing away on a cigarette (Or Vape)…. We must set the example.

The Example must be set… The Resources are here….The Time is Now.

Available Here


What has been your experience with your Teen ?


4 Replies to “Teen SmokingTrends”

  1. Thanks John, fantastic blog – I had no idea that vaping was such a health risk… neither did I know that most of them contain nicotine… nor that the flavourings are carcinogenic. Its always been promoted over here as a healthy alternative to smoking. We have banned cigarette adverts and placed blinds over the sales cabinets, but e-cigarettes are freely available and promoted on every sweet counter. My 10 year old son thinks that they are a new kind of treat item, they smell like sweets. I will now be lecturing him on their health dangers! Lucky for him neither of his parents smoke or vape, but no doubt he will have friends that do. This article is an eye opener, thank you.

    1. I am gratified to see how much it helped you. Thank you.

      Yes, your 10 year old is being targeted by Vape companies not unlike the cigarette ads prior to the 1964 Surgeon General warning about cigs. Kids were the “Replacement customers” to offset 400,000 customers lost every year that either died or quit smoking.

      Remember Joe Camel ?

      When they market flavorings as “Unicorn Milk” and “Unicorn Poop”, you know that the same Snake Oil salesmen are back…  It is my hope that you share this with other parents of teens and preteens.

      Here’s the other article I wrote about Teen Smoking.

      Thanks for visiting !

  2. I smoke American Spirits, the black pack because I like the flavor and that they are all-natural tobacco makes me think it’s a little better.

    I tried to quit a couple months ago. I called the Colorado Quit Line and they sent me some patches and lozenges, I lasted about a month and started smoking again.

    I have been considering vaping, but as I suspected and confirmed by your article vaping is not better for my health.

    You website is intriguing to me, but the thought of trying to quit after the failed attempt so soon ago, is far from me.

    It’s too bad teens are getting hooked on vaping and ecigs like giving candy to a baby.

    1. Hi Alexander,

      Yes, Teen vaping is reaching epidemic proportions. Rationalization coupled with false saftey claims are fueling it out of control.

      Do not let your failed attempt with patches stop you from trying again. With the Stop for Life program available right here and right now, you are as close to trying again as you ever will be. You will never be this close again.

      Procrastion is your Enemy.

      Do it again. Today. Right Now.

      You will be glad you did.

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