Steps to Stopping Smoking

Now that we have developed the motivation and made that all-important decision, what are the next steps to stopping smoking? We have discussed methods to stop smoking, but now we need to develop a plan and to act on that plan.

While doing research for this post, I came across an article by Neel Burton,MD regarding behavior modification. Although this author (Me) does not recommend behavior modification, Doctor Burton’s step breakdown closely resembles the format of my book. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends the same 5 steps.

Step 1: Motivating yourself to quit.

Step 2: Preparing yourself to quit.

Step 3: Quitting.

Step 4: Coping with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Step 5: Coping with failure.

Stop for Life teaches “Adjusting for Success” as Step 5, but the format is otherwise the same.

Smokers seeking a natural way to stop smoking normally turn to behavior modification as a very popular method. Although it is a drug-free approach, it is the opinion of this author that better and more effective methods exist.

Step 1: Motivating yourself to quit.

Developing a list of benefits that we want out of stopping smoking is crucial to your success. Develop your “Why”. Your list should start with the big things, but put down the little stuff, too. You may later discover that they carried more importance to you than you realized. You deserve ALL of the benefits, so put it down on paper. Envision a life without smoking, enjoying a healthy and rewarding lifestyle.

Step 2: Preparing yourself to quit.

A.) Eat as you normally would. You will learn how to stop smoking without gaining weight. Do not change your eating habits.

B.) Smoke as you normally would. Yes, I said that…. You read it correctly…. Today is still a preparation day. You will not be stopping smoking until Day #3 (Step 3). That is when you will begin making choices about whether or not to smoke. You do not yet know the correct way to make choices. You will learn that tomorrow.

C.) Many programs will suggest that you tell everyone that you are stopping smoking. At Stop for Life, we strongly disagree. Telling others will only put unnecessary pressure on you. You do not need the support of others in order to stop, nor do you need the pressure that comes from telling others. In fact, telling others will only reap a lot of unqualified advice, usually while they themselves are puffing away.

Step 3: Quitting.

This is where you will begin making choices. Until now, your choices in the past have been to “Not Smoke”. That choice hasn’t worked for you in the past and it won’t work for you now. That’s the reason you are here. How to correctly make an effective and meaningful choice will be revealed at this point, but it too will not work if you skip the preparatory groundwork.

Step 4: Coping with Cravings

The ADA says to throw out cigarettes, hide ashtrays, and otherwise deny the problem. I don’t wish to sound smug here, but I do not know how to fix teeth any more than they know how to stop smoking…. But, they mean well so they do point their patients in the right direction. At Stop for Life, we will teach you how to stop smoking at any time, under any circumstances. You will be able to fully control your choices about cravings without hiding from them in fear.

Step 5: Adjusting for Success

By this time, you are now feeling confident in your ability to deal with your smoking problem. You have now done what the vast majority of smokers have never done. You have just gone 48 hours without a cigarette. You have developed the tools to stop smoking for as long as you choose to stay off smoking. That’s an ability that you did not have before.

This is an excellent time to continue to review and add to your list of benefits. They are already beginning to show up. You will want to start exercising and doing other physical activities that you did not have the energy for until now.

Start a Diet Program… Take a class…. Do all of those things you have been missing out on…. You deserve it.

The Final Step

Yes, there is one more step. It is actually an integral part of the first one, but now we have come full circle.

It’s simply the willingness that it takes to take that first step.

Are you still willing ?

Do you truly want  all the things we have been talking about ?

You have the power to choose a better life….. Right Here…..    Right Now !

A Journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step.

It’s your choice.

Make it a Good One .

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6 Replies to “Steps to Stopping Smoking”

  1. Hi John,

    Excellent article, I really enjoyed the reading!

    I used to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, and after being really sick, I decided to quit smoking. It wasn’t easy though. I tried to stop five times before I succeeded to get rid of the cigarettes. Now it’s about 20 years that I don’t smoke anymore. I touch wood:) Anyway, the reason I am here today is that my husband wants to quit, but he needs some help from outside. I will show him this article; I am sure he will find it very interesting.
    For someone that is afraid to gain weight, what would you suggest? Go on a diet before, while or after quitting smoking?

    Thank you for this useful post!

    1. Hi Daniella,

      Thanks for your insight and comments.

      There are several articles on this site that your husband will certainly find of interest, but it sounds like he is ready to forge ahead and start getting the benfits. The entire Stop for Life program is available at the bottom of each page.

      He does not need to change his eating patterns. All of that is covered in the book introduction along with some additional advice.

      Please check back with us.

      It would be a nice success story.

  2. Wow!,
    That’s really a post to can contribute to addictive smokers who are ready to quit smoking, I rate it 4 star. Yeah!, A Journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step, Smokers are liable to die young. With this article smokers that’s willing to quit can make something out of this post, it really worth it.

  3. Phenomenal book!~I am shocked that two of my friends were able to quit smoking using your technique. What is shocking to me is that one of them had no will power at all. Thank you so much, now I am giving up all that second hand smoking and I am thrilled. God bless you!~ Thank you so much!~

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