Smoking Addiction Recovery

So one morning we woke up and suddenly found ourselves helplessly addicted to nicotine…. Our world had changed…. Nicotine is our new Master… What now?

What causes smoking addiction and what can we do about it?… Where can we find smoking addiction help? What do we know about smoking addiction recovery?

Let’s be clear. We are talking about nicotine addiction recovery, regardless of the vehicle used to ingest the nicotine.

How this Happens

When nicotine enters the brain, it causes a release of chemicals, most notably Dopamine and Serotonin. These are known as “Feel Good” drugs.

The euphoric effect is short lived and we begin to withdraw from the drugs. This means we need more nicotine in order to get more Serotonin and Dopamine. This causes a constant up & down yo-yo effect.… This is addiction.

Over time, chemical changes occur in our brains. The addiction becomes further entrenched and our thinking becomes warped. Our sickened brains now tell us lies to justify continuing harmful behavior, despite clearly dangerous consequences.

If the Smoker/Vapor is under the age of 25, this danger is further magnified because the human brain is still developing.

One of those untruths is a denial that we are addicted and another is a denial of the power of nicotine.

Vapors very often go so far as to even call nicotine “weak”, “harmless”, and “non-addictive”.


This denial is further reinforced by Smokers who turn to Vaping “to quit smoking”. What they are really engaging in is Harm Reduction…. Harm Reduction may be somewhat beneficial, but until the Nicotine-Serotonin-Dopamine cycle is broken, we have not honestly and truly “stopped smoking”.

Harm Reduction means “less harmful”.. It does not mean “safe”. We are not safe until we truly break the addiction cycle.

The amount of nicotine in any particular brand of cigarettes tends to be fairly consistent, therefore “controlled”… Not so with Vaping.

Vaping allows for much stronger hits of nicotine than cigarettes and the frequency with which a Vapor “takes a hit” usually will far surpass a Smoker’s frequency of intake.

E-cigs have a very real potential to deliver far more nicotine than a cigarette. That means more Dopamine is released…

It’s really the Dopamine that we as Smokers and Vapors crave… This is the root cause of our addiction…

To make matters worse, the Vapor has the additional ability to really crank up the Dopamine thereby further deepening the addiction.

Temporary Withdrawal

Our biggest obstacle to quitting smoking is ourselves…. As soon as we decide to stop smoking, the addiction rears it’s ugly head and immediately tries to talk us out of the decision to stop…

This causes deep conflict within ourselves and it is this very conflict is what causes the temporary withdrawal from tobacco that we must go through in order to successfully stop smoking.

The withdrawal occurs due to the deep conflict that a Smoker goes through when trying to stop. That conflict will manifest itself in a variety of ways and will be dependent on each person’s individual experience.

Every time you begin to withdraw from the last cigarette that you smoked, you will feel uncomfortable due to nicotine withdrawal. As an active Smoker, you will relieve that discomfort by lighting up.

Over time, your addicted mind will perceive and treat that relief as pleasure…. Relief of discomfort is not pleasure.


The symptoms of temporary withdrawal will vary from person to person.

The thing to remember about temporary withdrawal is that it is only an uncomfortable experience. It is not “pain” or “agony”. It is only uncomfortable and it is definitely temporary.


Smoking is not a habit… It is an addiction.

That is the bold truth and it is true about you as a Smoker.

Nicotine binds to receptors in the brain to release Dopamine and Serotonin… These “Feel Good” drugs are what we really crave and, over time, they warp and distort our thinking.

In order to successfully and permanently stop smoking or vaping, it is essential that we retrain that thinking.

There is nothing at all pleasurable about smoking.

The choice is inescapable… Delaying the choice IS a choice… It is a choice to continue to smoke.

We can choose between the permanent state of addiction and all of its attendant consequences, or we can choose to face the unreasonable fear of withdrawal and deal with it for 48-72 hours and have permanent recovery from the addiction.

It’s a very low price to pay for all those fantastic benefits from stopping smoking.

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10 Replies to “Smoking Addiction Recovery”

  1. Yes, I agree with you that smoking is not a habit it is an addiction. And a very expensive addiction it is, because the people who smoke need to buy a pack of cigarettes every single day. With the cigarette come other vices which can raise expense even more.Retraining thinking is not only beneficial to us mentally and emotionally as well. Sometimes to develop new ways of thinking the mind has to be remapped. What you’re recommending here is great to do that.

    1. Hello Jag,

      It is my firm belief and experience that retraining thinking is the most effective long term solution that is available today.

      Here is another article about the costs of smoking.

      Thanks for your input….

  2. This article is so close to my heart.  I quit smoking 8 years ago,  At that time I was a 30 year smoker and was smoking 2 packs a day.  I always said I would never quit smoking because I loved it too much.  However one day something in my brain told me different and that was when I decided to become a non smoker.  I have a great story that I would love to share with anyone but the one biggest thing every one has to remember is that you have to want to quit and no one can force you to.

  3. Speaking about addiction is very conflictive, very hard. When we develop an addiction, to stop it is harder than anyone can imagine. People need help to stop, that is the best choice to stop, getting help from qualified persona, and vaping is not a solution.

    I have a bad experience, my dad was addicted to cigar, he died because of lungs cancer. I truly recommend all the smokers to stop, think in your health and in your family wellness.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. Hello Maria,

      Actually, stopping smoking is really not as difficult as people think it is. It depends on the method. I use abstinence psychotherapy to retrain the thinking for long term results.

      The most difficult part of stopping smoking is getting started.

      Procrastination is the biggest hurdle to overcome and it will win EVERY time.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. You have put something very simply about an extremely complex subject. I myself have been struggling with this addiction and viewed it as a habit rather than an addiction. i never thought of the discomfort  vs pain concept but it seems to make perfect sense. When you mention 24 to 48 hours, is that the length of time to refrain to help break the cycle.? thanks for an interesting read on a topic that affects many people.

    1. Hello Cass,

      Yes, the nicotine is gone in 48-72 hours.

      There is no need for you to continue to struggle… The solution is here and the cost is less than what you spent yesterday on cigarettes.

      Procrastination is your only Enemy… Don’t let it win !

  5. Hi; there are some people who start smoking as a bid to empresse their best friend. 

    They start the habit having the mind that should there be a seperation in the relationship they would quit smoking since they were only smoking to get equal with their friend. 

    However. from how I understand it from smokers who I am close to, it is not as easy to stop smoking as it was easy for them to start. Stop smoking is not an overnight fix.One must have a strong self control with the knowledge of what is best  in having a healthy lifestyle.


    1. Hello D,

      Stopping smoking is not as difficult as your friends have told you. Your comments about having strong self-control is the problem. A Smoker rarely wins out by repressing… I teach Abstinence Psychotherapy as an alternative.

      Sadly,the unsubstantiated fear causes procrastination… Procrastination is why they have not yet succeeded.

      Best wishes,


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