Quitting Smoking without Willpower

When we speak with a Smoker who has just tried and failed to stop smoking, they usually say that they failed due to insufficient “Willpower”…. They are discovering that Repression simply does not work.

What if we took a different approach?

What would you say if I told you that you could quit smoking without any Willpower whatsoever?

Interested ?

You read it right… It’s True…. Abstinence Psychotherapy really works!

So let’s take the next step and take a look at Motivation and the Thought Processes behind that motivation.

Reasons to Not Smoke

1.) Health – According to the CDC, smoking is the single most preventable cause of death in the World today. It is also the single major cause of most diseases.

Fortunately, the inevitable tragedy of smoking can be interrupted and replaced with the positive and wonderful benefits of stopping smoking. And the benefits just get better and better over time.

2.) Money – When looking at the real cost of smoking, one must consider not just the price per pack, but all the peripheral costs must also be taken into consideration.

Other costs that are usually not factored in are skyrocketing medical costs, rising insurance premiums, and the costs of burned clothing, furniture, and other casualties.

3.) Slavery (Addiction)- As a Smoker, I hated the slavery of needing a cigarette as soon as I woke up and even before my feet hit the floor in the morning. It controlled me all day and all night.

I could think of nothing else until the Demon had been satiated. I had to have “My Fix”.

4.) Social – Missed social opportunities such as dating, enjoying a movie uninterrupted, or enjoying a meal with friends or family without leaving to smoke has become the norm. Smokers have become Pariahs, social outcasts.

Smokers also spend long hours alone smoking that could be better spent in activities such as spending more time with the family, being more productive, or having fun with friends.

Busting the Myths

Myth #1…… Smokers need willpower to quit

A Smoker will not quit until he or she wants to quit.

Actually, Smokers often fear stopping smoking because they perceive stopping as worse than smoking. This causes the procrastination that will surely defeat a Smoker every time.

Of course, this is not true. It is a product of what we have done to our own minds over the course of our smoking lives.

Only when we say ” I’m Done with this ! “ do we take the very small step that changes our lives significantly for the better…

Ironically, it is only then that we discover that we succeed simply by making a choice and a commitment to ourselves.

Myth #2….. Smokers believe they smoke because they choose to.

Smokers smoke because the nicotine releases a brain chemical known as Dopamine. Dopamine is a “Feel Good” drug. We crave the Dopamine, not the nicotine. The nicotine simply releases it into the body.

This is why you see people often relapse after many years off smoking… It isn’t because of the nicotine… Nicotine is gone in less than 72 hours.


Myth #3….. Patches, Pills and Gums work….

Pharmaceutical cessation products continue to attract support disproportionate to their usefulness. This distracts attention from the reality that the most common and most effective methods used by most ex-smokers still remains unassisted cessation. Drug-free methods still head the list.

Smokers say they “suffer” because they believe they are making a terrible sacrifice… Using drugs to stop using that very same drug only prolongs the addiction and intensifies the withdrawal symptoms.

Myth #4 … Quitting is hard…

As Smokers, we fear the temporary withdrawal and the opportunity it gives us to break the addiction once and for all. We need not fear temporary withdrawal. It is our bodies going through healthy changes.

Realize that there is nothing to “Give up”… Trying to get back to that constant up and down of the Dopamine induced state of relaxation that non-smokers naturally and continually enjoy every day of their lives gives us that false illusion.

The only thing preventing our success is another dose of nicotine… One Puff and it’s all over.



What Does All This Mean?

The brain has been chemically altered and must be treated if we are to be successful over the long term. This is where Abstinence Psychotherapy comes into play. It is also the root reason for its huge success.

I employ Abstinence Psychotherapy with my students because it treats the damage done to our thinking so that we can remain healthy Non-Smokers for as long as we choose to.

It means that you will never again smoke another cigarette without consciously and deliberately lighting up.


It means that you will finally be in control of your own choices.


A desire to stop smoking is necessary to the successful consummation of the process, but it is only the beginning. That desire has zero impact unless we immediately follow through with a Decision to Stop.

Making that choice and immediately following through is the key.

Procrastination is the ONLY thing stopping us from better health… Crazy, Huh?


The single most effective method that I endorse is Abstinence Psychotherapy.

Over the course of a Smoker’s life, the brain chemistry changes. Abstinence Psychotherapy treats the thinking processes that will otherwise lead a Smoker back to smoking long after the nicotine is gone.

The good news is that Abstinence Psychotherapy is available right here. Right NOW…. Without Willpower.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Join us in the Winner’s Circle.

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11 Replies to “Quitting Smoking without Willpower”

  1. I can think of a couple of friends who need to read this post.

    I am fortunate, as I’ve never wanted to smoke cigarettes.  I think the thing that saved me was saying “no” at the right time.  I was in junior high school, and with several friends watching some world series game at her house.  It was just us teenagers.  My friend pulled out cigarettes and offered us all one.  I was the only one who said “no.”  I remember I considered it, and decided I just didn’t want to. Declining in the presence of my peers gave me the power to hold to that decision.

    You are right…it is fear that keeps people from quitting.  What will happen when they can no longer smoke?  The same thing is  very appropos to drinkers.  Often, a drinker won’t quit because all his friends are also drinkers, all his warm, fuzzy memories are built around drinking, and he doesn’t know where he will find new friends. 

    Abstinence Psychotherapy sounds like a great solution.  Again, I’d love to recommend it to a couple of friends.  But they have to want to quit first, right?  I am so glad I never started!

    1. Hi Fran,

      Yes, your friends do need to have a basic desire to quit smoking, but supporting others to stop can get a little tricky. Smokers will feel you are preaching.. Smokers hate that and will smoke out of defiance.

      The best way to help your friend is to tell him/her that you read an interesting article and want their opinion. Give your friend the article and then just let the matter drop…. It’s the best way.

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. Dear John Turco,

    Interesting post and thanks for sharing.

    “Busting the myths” was very helpful and gave me useful insights.

    When you said “Smoking is the single most preventable cause of death in the World today” I totally agree with that… I came to know that, Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States alone and I am afraid of the question “How many people die in the whole world due to cigarette smoking”. Thanks again for the informative post.

    You not only discussed the problem but you have provided the solution for the problem as well.

    I am going to share your post to my friends.

    Wishing you much success!


  3. my friend is a smoker. He smokes 3 pack of cigarettes every day last year. He stopped doing that now and he saved $200 every month now. But he cannot stop completely. He now take some vaping e cigarettes. I think it does not have the same bad effect but it is reduced. It may take some time to cool down till stop completely.

    1. Hello Kit,

      I do not endorse vaping as a smoking cessation method because the Smoker is still hooked on nicotine. I only teach a clean drug-free approach. This maximizes benefits while minimizing chances of relapse.

      Also, vaping is abused mainly by Teens who then become Smokers themselves. The Current Teen Generation was the first generation to have a chance at breaking the smoking cycle. That is, until vaping came along.

      If not for vaping, they might not have started smoking at all.

      Thanks for your input.


  4. I just got out of hospital a few weeks back, and was in there for ten day. I managed to go with out a cigarette for 7 day:) I was so proud. Fast forward til now I am back to the normal chain a day, and i feel really bad! Smoking is such a disgusting habit, but what I strugge with the most, is the personality change that effects me straight away. Its like I turn in an Hyper ADHD cheeky bugger, and i can upset those around me. Your article has inspired me to take a brand new approach, and I will forget about using will power to quit smoking. The books looks great:) 

    Many Thanks. Rob

    1. Hi Ropata,

      Using the Abstinence Psychotherapy approach, I will teach you how to stop smoking without the need to engage in irritable behavior toward others. In fact, you will change no other behaviors whatsoever.

      The reason that you smoked after 7 days was because of what you have done to your own thinking over your smoking life. Nicotine causes Dopamine to be released by the brain. Dopamine is a “Feel Good” drug.

      That is what alters a Smoker’s thinking over time and the reason you smoked after 7 days… The nicotine was gone after 72 hours..

       Please come back and share your success story with us.


  5. Hi John,

    I cannot believe that you can stop smoking without willpower, but you mention this is possible.  I would love to know how, but I am not really familiar with Amazon and they are not available in my country.  Is there any other way I will be able to get my hands on your book “Stop for Life”?

    Have a great day!

    1. Hello Rika,

      You can get the book here.

      Most Smokers find it difficult to stop smoking simply because of the method that they used to stop. Quitting smoking does not have to be difficult. We unneccessarily make it that way.

      “Willpower” is another name for Repression… Repression rarely works, but it is the method most smokers go to because they fear facing the urges to smoke.

      Repression occurs when we get the urge and then, while the urge is upon us, we tell ourselves that we don’t want to smoke. The human brain knows that we are lying to ourselves, so it rejects that info and we end up smoking.

      On the other hand, Abstinence Psychotherapy is highly effective because it treats the fallacious thinking that has caused the distorted approach.

      Please come back and share your success with the program.


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