Motivation for Stopping Smoking

Developing Motivation for Stopping Smoking

So you say that you are ready to stop smoking. You say you are ready to take back control of your life from cigarettes. You have developed your motivation for stopping smoking by creating a list of all of the things that you want out of quitting smoking.

Now what? Where do we go from here?

Matching your motivation to stop smoking with solutions that really work is exactly what we are all about…..

Think about why you want to quit smoking, and commit those reasons to paper.

Start with the big, obvious reasons, and keep going until you’ve listed all of the little ones, too. Smoking touches so many parts of our lives. Look at how it has affected yours in detail. The more detailed, the better.

Quitting is a Journey.

As the saying goes, “A Journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. ”

One of the keys to successfully quitting is preparation. Prepare to quit smoking by creating a plan .

Learn about what smoking cessation involves. Investigate your choices before deciding on a method of action.

Ask about success rates. Ask about the success rates over time. Learn the nuances of those statistics.

Be sure that your choice does not introduce further chemical harm to your body from gums, patches, pills, or vapes.

Non-Chemical approaches that include hypnosis, acupuncture, or psychological training should be the priority choices.

Most smokers think quitting should be a relatively straightforward (and quick) task. Those who have one or more quit attempts under their belts know that this simply isn’t true.

It takes Preparation. It takes a Plan . It takes determination to stick with it and to execute that plan.

Nobody will lie to you about it. It takes work.

The Plan and the Vehicle to attain your goal is available…. It just needs a little effort from you.

The benefits far outweigh the work it takes.

As we begin to adjust to our daily lives as Ex-Smokers, we not only begin to see the benefits from our personal wish list coming to life, we begin to also see many benefits that we never anticipated.

We are seeing more and more of them every day.

The belief in our own ability to accomplish goals that we had long ago given up on returns.

We actually begin to develop a new outlook and attitude toward life. The knowledge and feeling that we are worthy of a life free of addiction to smoking is a priceless gift.

Ex-smokers often exercise or take on a sport they always wanted to do, change course in their careers, or go back to school.

Smoking cessation is a life-changer.

The Only Person who can choose to change your life is You.

Change the faulty programming that cigarettes forced on you and build the smoke-free life you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s worth the work and will reward you with benefits you never dreamed of and have yet to discover.

Intention minus Action = No Results

You have never had a better chance than the one you have right now!

It’s your choice…. Make it a Good One.

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6 Replies to “Motivation for Stopping Smoking”

  1. This is an excellently written article. My father has been a smoker since he was 8 and he’s in his 80’s now, He had to have open heart surgery due to all the smoking and he promised us he would never go through that again so he was quitting. But my mom was not ready to quit so of course she sucked him right back in. I can’t say how much they smoke because they roll thier own cigarettes. :But I think if my dad had made a true commitment to himself and others around him that he was done with cigarettes, he would have been.

    Before my husband and I were married, I asked him to quit and he did. It took some time but he made the commitment and stuck to it.

    I guess that is the secret, right? Making the commitment to yourself and to others for responsibility. My father obviously never really wanted to quit. Too bad.

    1. Thank you for your kind words,Rae Anne.

      Unfortunately, your Dad’s story is a common one. One of the things that makes Stop for Life unique is that the tecniques work anytime, anyplace, under any conditions. Your Mom’s smoking would not have affected your Dad’s ability to stay stopped. 

      Congratulations to your husband and thanks for checking in.

      Best wishes,


  2. Hi there.

    Amazing article.

    I myself stopped smoking like a more than a year ago. You are completely correct, all the work you put into quitting is nothing compared to the benefits you will have.

    For me personally, it was just one click. And I stopped for one day. After that i said to myself, if you can do one day you can stop completely – and so i quit.

    Was not easy at all. Im gonna be honest with you.

    But now when i look at it.

    100% worth

    1. Hi Strahinja,

      Congratulations on stopping smoking. It sounds like you used my book to stop ?

      It seems like you hit on one of the cornerstones of stopping smoking. Taking it moment by moment is crucial to not projecting fears of staying stopped in the future.

      If we project into the future, we lose control of the present moment and end up smoking. If we don’t deal with today, there will not be a tommorrow.

      We can add value and best help others by sharing this info with other Smokers.

      Thanks for stopping by.




  3. Great info! I have a family member that I would like to help, but just wasn’t sure what approach to take. They’ve tried to quit numerous times but without success.
    I’m curious what you think about the electronic cig’s and all the other things people are using to replace tobacco? Safer, dangerous?

    1. Hi Lisbonam,

      Supporting family members and other Loved Ones can be important,  but we must take extreme care to only encourage, not to appear to be lecturing. A Smoker will resent that. It’s a delicate area. 

      The decision needs to be your family member’s decision, so best to just make him or her aware of the post in a very casual way and then let the matter drop

      Your question about E-cigs and “replacing” tobacco is answered in depth in several posts on this site. Make use of the dropdown menu. There is a wealth of knowledge there on these very subjects . 

      My best advice?…. If your husband is still actively trying to quit,  the entire 5 day program that is available here will make a nice gift and costs less than what he probably spent yesterday on cigarettes. 

      Just give it to him in a loving and caring manner, and then let the matter drop. If you then leave him alone, he will be curious and he will pick it up when ready. 

      Thanks for visiting… Come back soon !



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