Keeping New Year’s Resolutions to Quit Smoking

Did you once again make a New Year’s Resolutions to quit smoking this year? Are you struggling to keep those resolutions?

Do you make the resolution to quit smoking every year only to find yourself making it again year after year?

Would you like to make a New Year’s Resolution to stop smoking one final time and actually be able to make good on that promise to yourself instead of making the same resolution again next year?

Why am I Still Smoking?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are probably still smoking due to the approach that you used.

You finally stopped procrastinating about stopping smoking. You finally stopped simply talking about doing it and actually gave it an honest try.

Once again, a New Year is here. Many look at this time of year as an opportunity to improve on one’s health. Along with more common resolutions of exercising more and eating right, quitting smoking is also a popular one to set.

You gathered and listed your reasons for wanting to quit smoking. You developed and nurtured your determination to stop smoking and you set a day and time (probably midnight December 31st, right?)

So what went wrong?

Smoking is an Addiction

Many Smokers approach quitting smoking as a mere habit. They think if they treat it like any other habit and use willpower to stay away from it long enough, the urge to smoke will go away…. It won’t.

That might work for nail-biting or remembering not to talk on the phone while driving, but not so for addictions.

The causes of smoking are in your thinking. It is because of what you have done to your own mind over the course of your smoking life. It is because of the lies that we tell ourselves about smoking and quitting smoking and then we reinforce those falsehoods every time we light a cigarette.

The nicotine is gone in 72 hours. Reprogramming the faulty thinking is the key to successfully quitting.

Substituting Vaping for Smoking

Substituting vaping for smoking is simply an attempt to get the benefits of not smoking by side-stepping the problem.

Not only are we allowing the faulty thinking to continue to control our actions against our own will, but we are also refusing to deal with the nicotine addiction. In fact, we may even be increasing the nicotine dosage by substituting vaping, thereby driving the addiction deeper and making future attempts to honestly quit smoking much more difficult.

Quitting smoking means quitting nicotine. It means ending the drug dependence. It means taking back control over your own life. Vaping ignores and perpetuates the problem and very often leads right back to smoking.

Harm reduction is not “Quitting Smoking”. It is using a less harmful method to continue the addictive behavior by consuming nicotine by a different method.


Now that we know why our previous attempts to stop smoking have failed, what have we learned from that experience?

We now know that smoking is not merely a habit. We have now learned that in order to successfully stop smoking, we must recondition the addictive thinking. We have also learned that we cannot use nicotine to break a nicotine addiction. We have seen that vaping or using any other form of NRT is a desperate attempt to do exactly that. 

We have also seen that a drug-free approach is the only safe and sane solution.

Behavior modification, hypnosis, acupuncture, and abstinence psychotherapy are all drug-free approaches. Of these, I believe abstinence psychotherapy to be the most effective and long-lasting due to its unique approach to reconditioning the human mind and thinking processes.

Abstinence psychotherapy will give us the power to stop smoking without drugs or willpower. It will give us the opportunity to quit smoking and stay off smoking for as long as we choose to do so under any circumstances.

Abstinence psychotherapy is available here, as well as through the links below.

The solution is here. The time is now. Just do it !

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  1. I read through this article and it has some great tips and alternatives for quitting smoking. Of course smoking can’t be quit so easily but with the use of this articles help in time I think it is very possible. I’m going to share this article with my family and hopefully they can use these tips and quit smoking.

    Thank you for sharing this article with us.

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