How Do I Stop Smoking?

How many times have we heard ourselves say ” I know that I should stop smoking, but I don’t know how.” ?

Isn’t “How do I stop smoking?” a question that we ask ourselves almost every time we light up?

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop obsessing about it and actually find ways that you can stop smoking ?

Well…. You found it… You have found an effective drug-free method right here…. Read on….

How Do I Know I Can Stop?

If you can follow a few simple directions, anyone can stop smoking. The causes of smoking are in your thinking.

We will introduce you to the concept of Abstinence Psychotherapy​ and we give you all the tools you will need to change your thinking for effective long term results….

This is a psychological approach that employs no drugs, vapes, behavior modification, or aversion therapy.

The techniques that you will learn here will last for a lifetime.

Will I Gain Weight?

Will you gain weight when you stop smoking?

No, not unless you substitute food. This approach does not recommend any substitutions.

We will teach you precise techniques that will enable you to stop smoking without gaining weight.

Special diets in preparation of stopping smoking are not necessary.

Will I be Irritable?

A smoker’s life is controlled by nicotine. Nicotine makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you feel sad and makes you feel satisfied. All of your emotions are hostage to nicotine.

Smoking releases dopamine to your brain. Dopamine is a “Feel Good” drug and your brain is conditioned to receive “dopamine stimulation” every 1-2 hours.

When we stop smoking, imbalances can cause people to engage in a range of behaviors, especially to react irritably to the loss of nicotine.

At Stop for Life, we understand these challenges and have a plan to help you to cope.

What if I have Smoked Most of My Life?

It does not matter how long you have smoked, how much you smoke, or how many people around you smoke.

These techniques will work for anyone, at any time, under any conditions or circumstances.

What Support Can I Expect from You?

You will be supplied with comprehensive step-by-step instructions.

The course of study and application will span 5 days….

You will stop on Day #3.

Days #4 & #5 will be spent reinforcing your decision to stop smoking.

What is My Guarantee?

We guarantee that you will stop for as long as you choose to stop.

The choice will be yours alone…. You will be in complete control.

You will never return to smoking without making a conscious and deliberate choice to smoke.

Is it affordable?

In almost every case, the cost will be less than what you probably spent yesterday on cigarettes.

By acting today, you will never again have to spend your hard-earned money by burning it up in smoke.

Why You Must Act Now

The only thing standing in your way right now from becoming an Ex-Smoker  3 days from now is Procrastination…

Procrastination is the Killer of all Ambition.

Success is found at the crossroads of Opportunity and Preparedness.

You will never be more prepared than you are right now.

Don’t miss this Opportunity…. It may never pass this way again.

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4 Replies to “How Do I Stop Smoking?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this post as it is something I regard as a important matter myself!

    While I don’t smoke and don’t plan too my dad as a terrible time with smoking where he just can’t seem to stop, we have tried patches and simply taking them away, but as with any addiction it’s incredibly hard to stop.

    I’ll make sure to show this post to him when I next see him as you have highlighted many key areas that should help him see that what the smoking is doing is damage and that he needs to try harder to stop the habit

    What advice would you give to someone who’s trying to help someone else who’s addicted to smoking?

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Joshua,

      My advice is not to preach or nag… Smokers hate that and it doesn’t help at all… It never will help… In fact, Smokers  will get rebellious and smoke anyway…. 

      Here is an article for you about supporting him…, It’s for you, not for your Dad.

      Tell your Dad that you found something he may be interested in…. Do it very casually…Give him the website address and then Let the Matter Drop….. If he wants to stop, he will follow through.

      Good Luck !

  2. Hi John,

    I tried to stop smoking so many times in my life and just gave up at some point.  I am getting older and know I need to stop.  At the moment I will try anything, but I am my own biggest enemy.  As soon as I think about giving up, I smoke even more.

    Do you think it is better to stop immediately or should I try and smoke a little less every day?  I tried both in the past without any success.  What is the best piece of advice you can give me?

    Thanks for a great article!

    1. The Best Advice?

      DO IT NOW….

      Procrastination is what you are experiencing right now and you have the answer right in your hands.

      ONLY Procrastination can defeat you and ONLY immediate action can conquer Procrastination… Take the action !

      I will look forward to seeing your success story posted here. 

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