Harm Reduction Therapy

On September 12, 2018 the United States FDA served notice on Juul Corporation to produce evidence that their product was not targeting Teens. Juul’s claims that they are merely practicing harm reduction therapy are coming under fire.

They were given 60 Days to make their case… Since Sept 12th, Juul has changed its website and marketing to focus on smoking cessation.

They also added a nicotine warning label and started an advertising campaign aimed at Smokers.

On September 28th, Juul’s offices were raided and, per the FDA, “Thousands of marketing documents” were confiscated.

Follow the Money

As a result, Juul Investors are trying to appear to draw a moral line in the sand regarding the targeting of Teens.

But while investors are beginning to shun Juul, which is now under a federal investigation for its advertising practices, they have signed checks investing in other nicotine start-ups.

Those include Lucy, billing itself as a nicotine gum company, and Ro, a so-called cloud pharmacy company that sells nicotine gum as part of smoking cessation kits.

Looking at one of its product images below, Lucy may soon be drawing the attention of the FDA as well.


The trick to getting Investors for so-called “vice” products seems to be positioning them as health and wellness products.

Additionally and perhaps more importantly, the largest Vape market is Teens by far…. This indicates that Vaping may be encouraging addiction more than to prevent or alleviate it.

Harm Reduction Therapy

As a core goal, harm reduction supports any steps in the right direction. At Stop for Life, we join Critics who contend that harm reduction somehow enables or excuses poor choices.

Harm reduction therapy techniques vary from client to client, depending on the goals of that particular client. For that reason, any ubiquitous harm reduction treatment model is difficult or perhaps even impossible to establish.

Let’s put on our thinking caps.

It is our belief that total abstinence should be the ultimate goal. Such a goal is the only way to avoid all negative consequences associated with the use of nicotine.

Harm Reduction Psychotherapy

Practicing harm reduction psychotherapy embraces the full range of harm-reducing goals including, but not limited to, abstinence.

By accepting goals other than abstinence as starting places for treatment, harm reduction opens the door to this group of people in a way that traditional abstinence-oriented approaches do not….

It ignores the very real option of total abstinence.

Furthermore, many Smokers trying to quit will vape instead, only to return to smoking later, thereby suffering extreme disappointment at their failure and losing their motivation to try again.

Abstinence Psychotherapy

While I can at least partly appreciate some points made in favor of HRT, I am a staunch advocate of complete abstinence.

So yes, I do discourage switching to Vaping as it has the potential to impede the Smoker trying to stop rather than to help.

Vaping has been embraced by Teens in astonishing numbers… For many of these Teens, it is proving to be a gateway to tobacco…

Had not it been for Vaping, these Teens might well be healthy Non-Smokers.

Many Teens become addicted who might otherwise have never touched nicotine, thereby developing an addiction that previously did not exist.

It certainly is a complex issue and as the Juul investigation unfolds, I think we will see the dynamics of the vaping industry changing somewhat dramatically in the near future.


Harm Reduction Psychotherapy employs continued use of nicotine…. Abstinence is usually not one of its goals.

Abstinence Psychotherapy, Behavior Modification, and Hypnosis are the most widely used drug-free methods.

Smokers who are not aware that Abstinence Psychotherapy exists are unaware of a better solution.

This has the potential to handicap Smokers who are looking for a real solution… A solution that addresses and solves the problem of nicotine addiction.

You may seek to escape the slavery of gratifying a nicotine addiction in any form…. Maybe you prefer to live a life totally free of nicotine addiction….

If you want to be completely addiction free to enjoy spending many more years living a quality life with your loved ones and others who care about you, then you are in the right place.

Come on over to the Winner’s Circle.

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16 Replies to “Harm Reduction Therapy”

  1. It took me many tries to stop smoking but I finally did it. It’s been a year and four months now. They say if you could stop for two years you have an 80% chance of never smoking again. My urge to smoke lasted for about a year but now I don’t even get cravings anymore.

     It seems like everyone has their own individual path that they need to take, as I recommended certain products to friends that did not work for them.

     I will be sharing this post with them.  Thanks

    1. Hello, John.

      Congratulations on stopping smoking!…. Bravo !

      Your chances of continued success will mainly depend on the method that you used… In terms of your comment about everyone has their own individual path, this link may help your friends.

      Thanks for passing it along and I wish you continued success as an Ex-Smoker.


  2. This is a great article, which actually shows a message to the world, vaping looks harmless, but in my opinion, I think teenagers who indeed never smoked or never wants to smoke, will get that feeling because of it. In my personal case I tried it once, will never do it again. But teenagers the day of today can be easily manipulated, and the fact JUUL didn’t add a label on their site, is really unbelievable. It seems that they have no morals and money comes at the first place. In my opinion, Nicotine is by far the worst ingredient ever, since it is so addictive.

    My question to you is: do you think the same?

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      Corporate greed is more important to Vaping companies than anyone’s health.

      Juul did not put a warning label on their site until after the September 12th ultimatum to prove that they were not targeting Teens…. Obviously, they were…. They went to great lengths to make Kids believe Vaping is harmless.

      The intentional deception of Juul and companies like Juul is exacerbated by false claims of “Safety” which Vapers themselves put out there in defense of their own addictions… 

      Getting honest would mean they would have to stop… So instead, they argue their false safety claims vehemently. 

      Kids see and hear that, and as you have already stated, Kids are easily manipulated, especially when provided with a convenient excuse to continue to Vape.

      And your question about if I feel the same?… Well, if you go back to my main page, you will see a dropdown menu with several more articles on this same topic… Please feel free to make use of all of it.

      Thanks for your input !


  3. This is a truly great article!  I’ve been a none smoker all my life, so I  suppose you could as it’s easy for me to form an opinion but I do know about addiction in other forms.  In terms of vaping, it just doesn’t seem right to me to offer an alternative that could lead to a further addiction.  When those producers start to increase their market-share by appealing to younger users then they are just going down the same old route that smoking started with.  I think it’s time for these manufacturers to examine their morale code.

    I love the idea of natural, drug free therapies that lead to abstinence. Thank you for a really well written article!

    1. Hi Nick,

      Vaping will definitely lead to addiction in people who have never smoked and are Vaping for the first time.

      Vaping doesn’t really lead to another addiction for Smokers… They falsely believe that Vaping will help them break their addiction to nicotine…  Both addictions are nicotine based… They are only switching seats on the Titanic.

      Instead, Vaping perpetuates the problem and makes total abstinence at a later time almost impossible.

      As far as examining their moral codes, that is precisely what the FDA is currently doing. Hopefully it will have an impact reducing the rising number of nicotine addictions.

      Thanks for checking in.


  4. I think that vapes are terrible for teens, because they are started them for the hype and getting addicted to nicotine that way rather than using them to quit smoking. I agree that the goal is too avoid all negative consequences resulted in nicotine. Which method do you think is the most effective?

    1. Hi Jayde,

      Yes, they are using the same techniques that tobacco companies used to get kids hooked. With an average of 1100 tobacco deaths every day (In the US alone), they need to replace those customers regardless of the costs to Smokers of all ages.

      Reynolds American is the largest player in both the Vape and Tobacco markets, so the Snake Oil guys are back.

      The most effective program?… Well, I guess I would have to say the most effective program is mine… (IMHO).

      Abstinence Psychotherapy is clean, fast, and very effective with no drugs whatsoever.

      Come see us again soon!


  5. Not only is abstinence the best option to stop these addictions, once you succeed, but your system is also reconditioned to detest smoking, and the likelihood of returning to smoking would be very minimal, as that would instead cause very unpleasant sensations in the body.

    How can you really use nicotine, to stop the use of nicotine? The psychological games people play just to raise money is really sad. And the worse part is that it puts the lives of victims at risk.

    Thanks for raising this awareness. We hope that it reaches the people who need it the most as fast as possible.

    1. Hi Alieh,

      You are absolutely correct when you say that total abstinence will get the best long term results. 

      People who practice total abstinence instead of using the crazy option of using nicotine in order to stop using nicotine are far more likely to continue a program of total abstinence… Better option and more benefits,too….

      Thanks for those great comments!


  6. Not only is abstinence the best option to stop these addictions, once you succeed, but your system is also reconditioned to detest smoking, and the likelihood of returning to smoking would be very minimal, as that would instead cause very unpleasant sensations in the body.

    How can you really use nicotine, to stop the use of nicotine? The psychological games people play just to raise money is really sad. And the worse part is that it puts the lives of victims at risk.

    Thanks for raising this awareness. We hope that it reaches the people who need it the most as fast as possible.

    1. Hey SB !

      This is the first generation that has had a legitimate chance at breaking the nicotine addiction cycle… That is, until Vaping came along to perpetuate it.

      On the surface, it may appear that my system conditions the Smoker to detest smoking, but that isn’t quite accurate.

      I teach Abstinence Psychotherapy which actually teaches the Smoker how to handle cravings at any time and under any conditions.

      As far as the “Using Nicotine to stop using Nicotine” simply shows you the desperation of a Smoker trying to stop and having nowhere else to turn (Until now).

      Thanks for helping to get the word out.

  7. Hi, there

    It’s awful to see young kids be smoking today and I think it should increase the prices of tobacco at all times and then would maybe more young kids never begin to smoke, I live in Denmark and here they have put all the tobacco under the table and that has dropped sales down by 10%,  if I could choose then, I would completely ban tobacco, I know this well because I was smoker myself,

    what do you think of banning or raising the price of tobacco?

    Thank you for your great article

    Best regardsSalomon.

    1. Hi Salomon,

      Although raising prices would not affect adults so much, it may be somewhat beneficial in keeping the products away from the kids. Most Teens don’t have as much disposable income as adults do.

      Raising the age would be more effective and enforceable (Except for internet sales).

      I don’t know much about how the Danes do it, but here in America, we tried prohibition in the 1920’s and it did not work. Black markets cropped up and people made their own booze. 

      Thanks for stopping by !


  8. This is a great article. It seems like the Juul companies are setting up kids like cigarette sellers used to do with candy cigarettes and Joe Camel stuff.
    Glad to see someone getting the word out. Keep up the good work !

    1. Hi Bob,

      As you just read, Vaping manufacturers are going down the same path.They saw the need to replace dying Smokers and turned to preying on the kids to do it. Unfortunately,they discovered that it worked, so they are trying the similar but thinly veiled tactics all over again.

      Corporations don’t care about people, only profits.

      Come see us again!

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