Doesn’t smoking make you relax?

Doesn’t smoking make you relax?

Smoking doesn’t calm your nerves,  The idea that smoking calms yours nerves and decreases anxiety pervades our culture. … In much the same way that drinking alcohol (a depressant) actually increases feelings of depression, smoking cigarettes may actually increase feelings of anxiety.

Nicotine causes a spike in your heart rate and blood pressure making your heart work harder. The cigarette appears to relax you because the nicotine removes the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms caused by smoking, and causes a brief hit of a brain-reward chemical called dopamine.

Many people who smoke do so because they believe it calms them down. This is because nicotine is a mood-altering drug and it seems to smolder feelings of frustration, anger, and anxiety when it’s inhaled. When we smoke, we do so to get relief from those feelings of frustration, anger, and anxiety. Over time, we begin to perceive that relief as relaxation and pleasure. The perception of relaxation is only a powerful illusion.

One of the most treasured benefits that I hear from my students is the everyday calmness, peace of mind, and feelings of well-being that breaks and replaces this vicious cycle.

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What feelings have you dealt with while trying to stop smoking?

4 Replies to “Doesn’t smoking make you relax?”

  1. ooo you are so right, people think that cigarettes are meant to calm you down when in fact it elevates your heart rate and blood pressure. Why do you think people pair coffee and cigarettes? OMG heart pressure! Funny just * thinking * about it makes my heart rate go up! So glad I quit . My life is way more cleaner, fresher, and things are much more convenient for me now that I don’t have to always take “smoking breaks” and like, go outside in the cold to do a habit that is technically “a habit” but we treat it like we need to medicate ourselves every few hours. So Silly!

    1. Yes Sophia,
      Smoking elevates heart rates and blood pressure. Constricted arteries cause poor circulation which often translates to the body developing peripheral diseases as well.
      Glad to see you enjoying the articles…

  2. Hi John

    Very well articulated. I agree with you 100%. The misconception that smoking calms nerves is one that held me back for a long time. As my knowledge evolved, it became clear that it actually worsened the feeling of anxiety as you rightly said. Thanks for sharing. I will be reading through your blogs for more insights.

    1. Thank you for your input.
      It is very valuable because it let’s me know what people want to learn about.

      I hope you come back and take full advantage of what is here.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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