Addiction of Denial

Perhaps naming this article “Denial of Addiction” might have been somewhat more appropriate, but what is the addiction of denial and how does this relate to my smoking/vaping problem and how to stop?

As a Smoker, I denied that I wanted to smoke when in fact I was actually in the process of having a strong urge to smoke. I realized that my previous attempts to quit smoking were sabotaged by my lack of honesty when I falsely told myself that I didn’t want to smoke..

My lack of Honesty was perpetuating the conflict and that made for repeated relapse….

An Example

I was living in California before smoking was banned in the bars many years ago…. I had already stopped smoking several years earlier, but I was still drinking. … My addiction for alcohol made me not see the nastiness of the 2nd hand smoke. (Denial is part of both addictions)…..

I could not smell my surroundings in my office, my home, or my car….

Now that I have been sober for many years, I watch people put their recovery from their alcohol addiction on hold while they go outside to feed their smoking/vaping addiction. That’s the insanity of addiction. That’s Denial.

Addicted Minds

Addicted minds see things with distorted thinking. Smokers and Vapers alike rationalize hurting themselves by insisting they don’t have a problem in order to justify continuing their dangerous behavior.

It is called Denial and it can only be combated with Honesty. Denial is a psychological “defense” that tells the Smoker / Vaper that he or she does not have a problem.

When attempting to stop smoking/vaping, the Smoker / Vaper will feel denied. They will feel like they can’t smoke. Unless we psychologically train ourselves to counteract the denial, the feelings of deprivation will actually cause a relapse.

So what is Denial?

Denial is a psychological “defense” that tells the Smoker/Vaper that he or she does not have a problem. This is why you see people in terrible physical condition and sometimes even in pain insisting that they “ Enjoy Smoking”…

Denial keeps Smokers smoking, and when they switch to E-Cigs (switch addictions) the Denial follows them. This is also the reason why Vapers go to such lengths to justify vaping…

They often take it so far as to say “It is safe”…. It is not.

Denial is the enabler and #1 symptom of Addiction.


Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance (DABDA) are the 5 stages of drug addiction denial.

Yes, these are also the 5 stages of Grief. We actually grieve the loss of smoking just as we grieve the loss of a Loved One.

This is the insanity of Denial and the insanity of Addiction.

For me, the thing that helped most was getting honest about my problem. I learned something about Denial and that only Honesty will defeat Denial. Until I could get Honest, I couldn’t recover from my own addiction.

Denial Addiction Recovery

When people justify ingesting chemicals to the point that they present significant harm to themselves, they cannot stop smoking/vaping until they destroy Denial by coming to terms with the Truth of their smoking/vaping problem.

Denial can only be combated with Honesty. Education about the disease and honest evaluation of ourselves as Addicts is critical to recovery from smoking/vaping.

Individual therapy is available, but it could be very costly.

Rather, the problem is addressed in sufficient detail and already incorporated into the Stop for Life program to enable recovery and the enjoyment of the benefits of a happy and healthy life as an Ex-Smoker/Vaper.

Enjoy your benefits. Exercise to feel good. Go on a Diet. Spend time with Loved Ones.

Live your Life free of Addiction.

You are worthy of Recovery, so claim it !

We will look forward to seeing you in the Winner’s Circle.


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4 Replies to “Addiction of Denial”

  1. Hello John,
    That’s a wonderful post you’ve created about what denial can cause in the life of an individual especially those that are addictive to smoking. I have finally learnt why my neighbour can’t quit smoking so easily and it’s about the denial he has.
    This article is really a solution that has to be put to action by any smoker or vaper that wishes to quit.

    1. Thanks Bibian,

      Yes, only Honesty can conquer Denial. You see that lack of honesty in defense of both smoking and vaping.

      Nice to see you again!

  2. Hi John!
    This is a great article about addiction. I think a lot of people can learn something about denial from this post, addictive or not. Your personal experiences and story make it interesting.

    Are the stop for life program for addictive smokers only, or will others benefit as well?
    Keep up the great work.

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