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Thank you for visiting Stop for Life – A Smoking Cessation Program.

My name is John Turco and it is my pleasure to be your guide.

You are about to learn unique practices and psychological techniques that you can successfully apply at any time and under any conditions or circumstances that will enable you to always be able to control your smoking choices.


As a 3 pack-a-day Smoker for 22 years, I found myself helplessly hooked on cigarettes. I tried everything to stop. Nothing worked. I tried substituting food (gained a ton of weight), cold turkey, behavior modification, recording and tracking my cigarette consumption, and even simply throwing my cigarettes in the trash, only to find myself buying another pack, usually within the hour.

I even tried the American Cancer Society program for several weeks. There were 14 people in my class. Only one person stopped (No, it wasn’t me), but he relapsed after less than a week. I thought “If the American Cancer Society can’t help me, who can ?” …. I was at the end of my rope.

Hooked and helpless and nowhere to turn.

One day in 1980, I met a man who taught me some very interesting psychological concepts. He taught me how to apply those concepts to my own smoking problem and I have not smoked a cigarette since that time.

I have organized these concepts and began to teach them as seminars. Student Graduates averaged about 10-12 per week. Over time, the number of graduates exceeded about 650 people. I had something that worked and could be duplicated, however, this needed to be shared and taken to the next level. I chose to do that in the form of a book and published those principles in the form of an instruction manual. It is my pleasure to share these successes with you.


As an Ex-Smoker, I have come to realize all of the wonderful benefits from not smoking. Within a week of stopping, I found myself thinking “If I had known that stopping smoking felt so good, I would have done it long ago”.

But that was only the start. As time went on, more and more benefits began to appear, many of which I had never previously realized had been robbed from me by smoking.                                                                                        

As I began to share this solution to a deadly addiction, people were approaching me with incredible words of gratitude and encouragement to continue this work. I had enjoyed job satisfaction in the past, but never had I felt the incredible satisfaction of a job well done as I did at these moments. I want to continue to enjoy that feeling by helping as many smokers as I can.



It is my hope that as this program develops, I may be able to translate the book into many languages and share with as many people as possible. Research into the foreign markets has already begun.

Leave a message here if you have any questions, quips, comments, complaints, criticisms, critiques, or suggestions.
Participation and questions are encouraged.

All the best,

John Turco


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9 Replies to “About John”

  1. I am a non-smoker, but my husband has been having trouble for a long time. He has been smoking for over 21 years and he can’t stay off smoking for even one day.
    He has tried a couple of times with the American Lung Association, but that didn’t work. Can you help him ?

    1. Hi Jessica,
      My experience has been that nothing works for everyone, but everything works for someone. It is not uncommon for a long-term smoker to be unable to stop for more than a single day. I would encourage your husband to visit this site. If he does not find the topic of interest, he can ask a question and I will respond promptly.
      Best wishes,

  2. Hi John,
    I want to THANK YOU so much. I purchased your book years ago and my husband and I are still NON- smokers to this day. It’s been 6 years and we feel younger, happier, and free! I can’t tell you how much time we lost, standing outside, smoking. While our family and our children were inside playing and visiting or just waiting on us to come back in from taking yet, another smoke break. Your book was so simple to follow. I have to say, we joked at first, wanting to peek ahead, but we followed your instructions. Wow! Glad we found your book when we did. Wish we found it years before. Love never smelling like smoke anymore and love never paying for another pack of smokes. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to thank you.

    1. So nice to hear from you,Sandy! My regards to Ron…
      Your comments are very much appreciated.

      Thanks for taking the time to weigh in and tell us about your experience.
      People need to know that it really works !

      Best wishes,

  3. Your site is addressing a super important topic! I come from a family of smokers and have watched them struggle to quit smoking more times than I can count. While I do believe that it is a mental thing, I know that it’s not as easy as just wanting to quit. I’m interested in reading some of your articles to see if there is information I could share with my loved ones to help them quit. I hate the thought of losing them someday to this nasty habit.

    1. Thanks for your support and feedback,Alexis…
      Let your loved ones know that help is available and that the site is interactive. I intend to continue to post with regularity, so there will always be fresh topics to discuss.Questions are always welcomed and promptly answered !

  4. Hey John,
    I’m very impressed with your success at stopping smoking and then sharing the program with others by writing this book!! Congratulations on your many accomplishments.


  5. This is a very important topic for me and my wife. I have read through some of your articles on this site and I am impressed with what you say.

    My wife has been trying all the other methods that you described with no success with any of them. Your approach seems somewhat unique, but it makes sense.

    I will buy your book as a birthday gift to her next month. She has tried everything else, so let’s see if this will work for her,too.


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